Pay With Credit Card Through PayTrace (via Bill and Pay)

PayTrace is a Merchant Account, the same as when you use your credit card for many online and in-store purchases. PayTrace securely processes credit card payments for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diner’s Club. PayTrace takes necessary steps, as all of our payment providers to, to guard the security of the information transmitted and to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Integration between Bill and Pay and PayTrace is seamlessly and allows you to make payments using your credit card within the Bill and Pay portal. This secure method will connect you directly to your invoice, order or account information. In order to use this method the first time, you will need to have your invoice number, order number or account number. Whichever of these you have, you will enter as the “Invoice #” on the login page. You can make a payment now or schedule one for the future. Additionally, you can set recurring payments so you don’t have to come back each month to make a payment if you are making partial payments on an invoice or account.

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PayTrace is conveniently integrated into the Bill & Pay system, as is PayPal, so that you can use any of these payment methods within one login.  First time users will be required to have the following information in order to proceed. Once you have made your first payment, your FREE Bill & Pay account will only require you to use a username and password to login.

INVOICE NUMBER will appear on your document as Invoice #, Receipt #, Account #, Statement #, or Order #. This is the number you need to enter. If you have multiple accounts, entering any one of these should pull up all of your accounts.

The Due Date is the date listed on the document. If there is no due date and it just shows “Due Immediately”, use the date on the MOST RECENT invoice/statement. Otherwise, you should clearly see the due date. NOTE: If you have made payment arrangements and the system has not yet been updated, this date is still based on your most recent invoice/statement.

The Amount Due is the TOTAL BALANCE on your document. (For multiple accounts, this is just for the particular account document in front of you). No matter how much you are paying today, you need to list the FULL amount in this box. You will select the actual payment amount once you are connected to your invoice/account/order.

Please click HERE ( to be connected to our Bill & Pay payment portal. You will leave this site to securely connect to the Bill & Pay portal where you can process your payment using PayTrace. Once you have completed your payment, you can return to this site or go on about your day.

About Payment Processing

Your payment will be processed through completely secure channels from start to finish. Your information is NOT stored within our website. Online payments are the safest of all payment remittance options. From here, you can pay with your major credit card, debit card, checking account, or savings account. Your payment will post on the same day you make it based on the Central Time Zone (Chicago time). As long as your payment processed online by 11:59 PM, CST, it will be posted as a same-day payment. Payments made on weekends or holidays are also considered to be paid on the actual date paid if made by 11:59 PM, CST. Please be sure to save your payment confirmation number just in case something goes wrong on our end. Please note, payments may take 2-3 business days to post, but they will be posted based on the actual payment date.